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Running Java in .NET

August 13, 2008

Did you write a java library but now some of your customers would like to use the library in their .NET code? Or do you have a .NET library and you need to integrate with a java application? There is this great tool out there called IKVM ( – it allows you to cross compile the byte code to the .NET CLR and then run it on top of the .NET framework (swing excluded).

If you have not yet, you have to try this tool. We used it to bridge a java RMI client library to .NET code. So now the .NET application calls the Java RMI client that then calls it’s Java RMI server. Sure, we could have implemented a .NET client to call the server side but this was easy (a days work to play with the tool, get to know it and do the implementation).

Would love to hear from you what you think about IKVM and what you’re experience with it was.