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Adobe CQ5.5, first impressions

March 10, 2012

Adobe recently released a new version of it’s content management suite, now called CQ5.5 again – there was an effort to rebrand it last year to WEM but that seemed not to go over that well and was quite confusing.

The new version of CQ comes with a much better integration into the Adobe digital marketing suite (Omniture, Test & Target, Scene 7, etc) and there seems to be quite some work that has been done under the hood.

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CQ5.5 now comes as two distributions, a WAR file that can be deployed into any JEE servlet container as well as a standalone version that runs in the apache felix OSGi container – CQ used to be distributed as 2 war files with an embedded servlet container and to get to run it in any other container there was quite some work involved.

Unfortunately, the new release also has some downsides especially for system administrators. Lots has changed and it seems some of the features that were there before got lost. For example, you used to be able to just rename the jar file and drive the type of server (author instance or publish instance) as well as the port CQ would run on from the name (cq-publish-4503.jar would make it run on port 4503 as a public instance). Now, this feature only works if you start the jar file directly (java -jar cq-publish-4503.jar) but the installed service scripts, such as start and stop to control the server from an init.d script for example are now hardcoded to run an author on port 4502 (the default instance).

It seems the best way to install CQ5.5 at the moment is to do the following:

java -jar cq5- -unpack

this will just unpack CQ into a subfolder crx-quickstart. Once that’s complete, start modifying the files in crx-quickstart/bin. You want to change the port, the run mode (type of instance you’re running) and the memory settings.

The following few lines will change the settings for you (replace $NEWPORT, $RUNMODE and $MAXMEM with your desired configuration settings:


sed -i.old "s/4502/$NEWPORT/" crx-quickstart/bin/*
sed -i.old "s/author/$RUNMODE/" crx-quickstart/bin/*
sed -i.old "s/-Xmx1024/-Xmx$MAXMEM/" crx-quickstart/bin/start*

Your basic start., stop and quickstart scripts should be modified, starting and stopping CQ can now be done by executing these commands on linux or mac


on windows, you can just use


Note of advice: make sure you use Java6 and not Java7, there are still some problems with CQ on Java7 it seems.

Also visit updated-init-script for cq5.5 for an init script that works with cq5.5