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keeping up to date with the adobe aem 6 documentation

March 3, 2015

Adobe puts out great documentation about AEM6 on – however, to keep up to date with the latest changes and recommendations is sometimes not that easy. We’re proud to announce our adobe doc diff website:

The site indexes the documentation on a daily basis and can send you an email with the latest changes or you can just go back to the site from time to time and see what changed since you last visited.

Also check out the side by side view of the site (for example providing you with the previous version the current version and a diff view of the content from both.


Presentations from CQCON 2013

July 3, 2013

In case you have not seen them yet, the presentations of the cqcon 2013 conference in Basel/Switzerland area available online – well worth reviewing


Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1 Documentation Released

June 18, 2013

If you visited the AEM (CQ) Documentation today you may have noticed that the ‘current’ documentation is now for AEM 5.6.1 – While the download does not seem to be ready yet, the release notes are quite large and may be a good read for developers to get a head-start in order to understand what has changed.

The URL to the release notes is

update: the aem5.6.1 download is now available at – there is also a download section on daycare, unfortunately the download is still missing from there ( )


Changes to the Adobe AEM/CQ Security Checklist

May 31, 2013

In case you have not seen it, Adobe made a change to the security checklist for AEM/CQ. The section that was added just recently is an explanation on how to change the admin password for the felix console.

The following recommendation has been added: 

In addition, Adobe recommends changing the OSGi (web) console password to something other than the admin password as not doing so:

  • Exposes the server with default password during startup and shutdown (that can take minutes for large servers)
  • Exposes the server when the repository is down/restarting bundle – and OSGI is running.

The description on how to do this can be found here: the OSGi web console admin password

this issue affects AEM5.6 and CQ5.5


Video of Cedric Huesler’s talk: Reflection on AEM 5.6 release and preview of mid-year

May 24, 2013

If you missed Cedric’s talk at the Orange County CQ User Group meeting you can now watch it on youtube at


David and Cedric’s Top 10 Adobe AEM Features from Summit 2013

March 16, 2013

If you have not seen the recurring ‘Experience Manager Top 10’ talk (well used to be CQ Top 10) from the Adobe Summit or if you want to watch it again you can do so by following this link to Adobe TV

Traditionally, the top 10 were presented by David Nuescheler, this year he is passing on the torch only doing an introduction and presenting the first item and then Cedric Huesler, the Senior Product Manager of the tool is taking over.

Here’s the list of the top 10 items:

  1. Touch (all new user interface)
  2. Launches
  3. Creative Cloud
  4. Responsive Design
  5. Communities
  6. Commerce
  7. Articles & DPS
  8. EMail Publishing
  9. Target Everyting
  10. Landing Pages

Have you explored any of these features? If yes, why don’t you leave a comment here and let everybody know what your experience has been?


Setting up a Clean Instance of CQ5.6 without the Samples

March 13, 2013

While installing CQ5.6 I found a log entry that sounded quite interesting:

SlingSettingsServiceImpl Active run modes: [ author, crx2, crx3mongo, samplecontent ]

apparently (not sure if this is new in CQ5.6) you can pass in a runmode during installation to trigger different features of CQ to be installed or not.

Running CQ the first time with these arguments will not install the geometrixx samples at all and to me seems to be the better approach than installing CQ first and then uninstalling the geometrixx samples as suggested in various places and the security guide for CQ.

java -jar cq.5.6.jar -r nosamplecontent

After this installation, your copy of CQ (AEM) will be almost clean of any geometrixx atrifacts (there are however some geometrixx-media users that are left over, they are probably not contained in the example geometrixx code.

Other Available Options

It seems the following options can be set for installation purposes (one from each row, if non is selected the first one is taken):

  • author | publish
  • crx2 | crx3
  • crx3mongo | crx3h2
  • samplecontent | nosamplecontent

I gave the crx3 | crx3mongo runmodes a try but did not really get a working version of AEM out of that combination – I am sure there will be some sort of documentation from Adobe about those features soon 🙂