dynamically created and google indexed

January 21, 2015

According to google, js generated pages should now be indexed by their crawler as well. To test this out, we created a small test site that keeps all the content for the site in a json file and then uses handlebars to output the html for the site.

The html for the site only contains a body tag and a placeholder.

click here to visit the sample site

The benefit of rendering the site dynamically is that the actual html for the different sections can be precompiled and cached forever. The only data that needs to be transferred going from page to page would be the json file with the actual content for the page and the html stub.

Now the big question remains – will google really index this dynamically created site and what about other search engines? If you found the site ( http://www.adynamicjssite.com ) through a search engine, please let us know.

1/26/2015 – update: google indexed the site and is in fact rendering the search result snippet from content that’s generated by javascript. Unfortunately bing is not able to do the same at the moment.


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