Ready for Sightly? The new AEM Templating Language

December 7, 2013

If you have been to one of the AEM Tech Events around the world you may have noticed Adobe is starting to heavily push their new templating language that hopefully will be available in AEM starting with the 6.0 release that’s scheduled for the beginning of next year. It also sounds like the templating language may be available for AEM5.6 as well. So what is it all about?

Have a look at the presentation by Gabriel Walt

And some of the videos from the Adobe@Adobe blog by Senol Tas

It seems the templating language code-named sightly will bring quite a big change to the developers working with AEM (CQ). The work is more shifted towards the front-end developers – the backend developers will be focusing more on java based development.



  1. Quite impressed. I always wondered why i see lot of Java code in JSP and its against priciples of clean view.

    Does 5.6.1 support HTL ? Will you be able to share it in package. I would like to adopt in my projects.

    • I do not work for adobe, but as far as I understand they will make the language available for 5.6.1 as well shortly. To get a copy of the package for it you probably should ask your adobe customer service contact.

  2. See also some articles from Feike Visser about sightly: http://experiencedelivers.adobe.com/cemblog/en/experiencedelivers/2014/04/sightly-intro-part-4.html. He gives quite a lot of interesting code examples.

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