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New VLT Tool Version for CQ

May 30, 2012

I logged into package share the other day and noticed the new vault tool version has been released. You can download it through package share at this link. A quick check of the documentation reveals the new sync feature has been included into this release. For the documentation of this addition check out how to use the vlttool – Sync.


Touch Authoring Mode in CQ5.5

May 6, 2012

Since CQ5.4, communique supports a touch authoring mode. When you hit your site with either an iPhone or an iPad you will get a greatly different authoring experience in CQ. The login screen is still similar but when you hit the welcome screen you see a vastly different view:

As you can see above, the welcome screen features the ability to see your inbox and browse the content as well as some configuration tools for replication, workflows, could services and reports – all the features you want on a mobile device.

If you click on browse content you get a mobile tree explorer to navigate your sites and once you open a page, a slimmed down edit environment to review your site, make annotations, etc.

While this is all nice, the question that comes to mind is – is my current site I am working on supporting this feature? It’s a good idea to go and check if your templates still support this extra edit mode. I like to use the ‘user agent switcher’ plugin in firefox to switch my firefox to an iPhone mode and browse the authoring environment for a quick test.

To download the user agent switcher, go to