CQ Blueprints

November 1, 2011

A year ago, Adobe bought a content management system called Communique (CQ) from a company in Switzerland, Day Software AG. The content management is built on Apache Sling and Apache Jackrabbit with some additional customizations. Adobe has taken the software stack from Day and made it the backbone of it’s LifeCycle enterprise platform. It also rebranded Adobe CQ and the Sling/Jackrabbit stack (called CRX in the Day world).

CRX is now called ADEP (Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform) and they merged the Adobe LifeCycle functionality into it.

CQ (Communique) is now called WEM (Web Experience Management) and is an application on top of ADEP.

The naming of these products is a bit unfortunate if you want to google for information and help about the platform.

CQ Blueprints (started before the branding change) is a website dedicated to best practices and tips and tricks for the ADEP/WEM platform. It now also features a customized google search that indexes ADEP/WEM related resources and makes it easier for the day to day work of a developer to find information that pertain to the platform.

Check it out at http://www.cqblueprints.com


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