Example Thick Client App with EXTJS and Java

June 1, 2011

Following up my last post I wrote a small sample application using Java, EXTJS, Jetty and the djproject to create a thick client experience based on these components. I chose the djproject instead of mozswing since it is a lighter download and integrates with an existing web browser on your system instead of bundling an additional web browser with the application.I also provided a power point presentation that runs through the project and explains how it is implemented.

download at http://www.headwire.com/public/en/hw/downloads.html

As always, please let me know what you think about this post.



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  2. this sounds very interesting,

    I have recommended and used ExtJS as a web client javascript framework for my clients and they are very happy with the it, but I could never reach the speed and fluid performance of a thick client app, especially with keyboard controls.

    I am researching the best way to build a thick client app, that has high performance and can work on multiple platforms.

    Could you provide more info on your project..

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